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                Achieve! Tutoring Services

                                This page provides up to date services on how to tutor your child.
                               This site is designed to teach you, the parent, how to keep your child
                               acheiving his/her grade level through the summer holidays.

 As you know, the internet is a wonderful place, if you want to refer to it as such, to learn and receive means of teaching others.  I am not going to expect to be paid for the services I am about to share with you.  As a teacher of special needs children, I know how imoprtant it is to keep your children's skills up to date over the summer break.  Therefore, I offer this to you as a sort of "CareWare" porduct.  If you would like to learn more about CareWare, I have provided you with the link to Aracnophilia.

           Reading Skills
          Writing Skills

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